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Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
... - 3recreationall.. marijuana use... is now legal... in pashington state...../starting today... residents... 21... and over... can possess... up to... announce of pot... áwithoutá facing... passed the ...growing... pnd selling the drug still a crime...//.coloradoo... áalso á...legalized the recreettinall use... oo marijuaaaa.. lass month... / but... that amendment ...won't take effectt.. until colorado's gooernor ...signs it. the suspect in the shooting at st. joseph... medical center... has been charged with attempted murder... murder... karen parks... live... at police headquarters.../ and ... says the officer... involved was grazed by a bulllt.... 30 year old briin dargan remaans in custody today....he is being held on a twenty five thousand dollar bail....//take vo// 3 33& investigators say dargan was taken to st joseph's medicaalcenter for treatment gurrey railing.... during the h- examination the hospital employee noticed a needll in phe suspects garments.....when she aatempted to take the needle the suspect grabbed hee arm....that's
Dec 31, 2012 5:30pm EST
jasi, victim's aunt: "i want someonn to help us find these suspects.. to get them off the street so they cannot o it to anyoneeelse." the 9-1-1 tapes continue... ddscribingga group of at least five teenagers heading west here on lombard... and into us tooay... they expect to maae more arrrsts.llve downtown,,pauu geesler, fox44 news at 5:30. dozens of people in baltimore gathered over the weekend to &pat gays and lesbians. &pbrutal beatinn of a young man baltimore.kenny shaw was walking home from a orner store... when he was jumpedd and attacked by roughly six believee he was targeted simply for being gay. within the gaa... lesbian... and transgendered community are rallying arounn the shaw... and prayiig for justtce. rev. meredith moise: 09:09:42 "ww are out here today becauseewe believe that violence is unacceptable." 09:15:54-09:16:022""e're all humann we shouldn't be afraid to walk to the orner store... and fear for our life.""-&life." when kenny was 3 apparently several witnesses... who did noohing &pto stop it. detectives ell us they hhve ooe lea
Dec 17, 2012 5:30pm EST
was in emergency lockdown duriig the incident. no students weee injured.. sourres ell us the 21 year -3 old oman aa ttempting to -3 deliver a urprise birthday 3 people everywhere are showing their concern for the families ann victims oo friiayy evastating school massacre....especcallyyhhre in baltimore. baltimore. instead of their annual holiday -3 gathering... students at the university school of social work deecded to do a card-making party tt express their sympatty to the families & f sanny hook. "rather than sitting back ann doing nothing about it i thought that this woull be a good way to ring people together for a common cauue that everyone was tuch by." by." dozens of 3 give their words of & encouragement. p3 it was a big day at st. joseph & medicalccnter...where -&&pbaltimore's archbiihophelpedd ceeebrate aahuge &&ptransformation.john rydell & joins us with more onthe completion of a big merger...john... 3 jennifer... it's nw ""fffcial.""st. joees" ... has -3been "acquured" "university" oo maryland
Dec 28, 2012 5:30pm EST
... rooklan--ville.../// to... tell us how... the state... is prepping... for snow. the tons of salt that you seee behind me...will be used starting around midnight...ass crews obilize.the state highway administration says even a few inches of snow can wreak havoc on the if ou are planning on trrveling early tomorroww morninn...they re asking that . you arr aking looo at the "emergency operation ccnter" at the state highwayy administration.they have live camera feees... that allows them to monitior roadway conditiins....nd even pavement senors that feed info on what's going oo....all this technology helps them determine which areas need he now...they've been treating comes the salt, then plowing. 3 "in fact to stay one step ahead...crews areedeployed pretreating roads, prevents ice to road to eeppsafe in wintee storm" and even though they advise against it...if tomorrow can caal 511....local, livv traffic in brooklandville, jj fox45 news at 530. whhn you need to stay on top latest information rrght on e - your cell phone.... downloa
Dec 18, 2012 5:30pm EST
anddtell sswhat you thinn. - you an lso sound off ttrough pacebboo.or senn us a twwet.. at foxbaltimore. a woman is charged with killing her father on his 90th birthday. birthday. &p3 itt appennd monday night at a - home onnridgely road in carrlineecounty.police say janice cohee called 911 o been killld by two intruders.. - offfcers found the body of arthur cohee in aachair in the kitchen with obbious traama o his head and neckkpooice say theedaughter's storyydidnt match up with ediiencc fouud at the scene.she's been 3 3 firstton fox....a baatimore &pcounty high school studenttiss suspended from school after a wild fight in the hallway... &&pand onight that girl's father blames another girl's mother for starting the fight. figgt. 3 keith ddniels live at lanssowwe hiihhschooll where &&pcamera... keith? 3 3 -3& 3 3 3 3 in dundalk tonight... friindss and neeghbors are reaching ouu to help a family who ost everything they own - one week &proederrreports.....a firee last night. &p3 11:36:222""hey lost christmas - and this is all that's lefttof
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5